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Because we all have needs…


Like people, pets need to feel loved by the people around them. In addition, they need care in terms of their daily needs, hygiene and diet for a long and healthy life.

Whatever your choice, the pets purchased must be suitable for a domestic life. You should not acquire dangerous animals or animals in danger of extinction, nor exotic animals that are protected by laws in their/our country.

– Hygiene: Pets like dogs and cats need and benefit from good hygiene practices, such as bathing using animal specific products and brushing teeth to prevent cavities and tartar build-up.

– Energy: Nutritional needs vary per pet and also depend on age. In general, plates or dispensers should be clean, there should always be enough water, and the appropriate quality and quantity of food served. (If fed to animals with I think, it is necessary to read the packaging to have a guidance on the amount to administer and how many times should I feed the animal).

– Education: Pets should be treated with patience and dedication, as they are not previously educated and do not know how to behave when they arrive at their new home. Species that are capable, such as dogs, cats and ferrets should be taught rules little by little. Other animals cannot be educated, so we must learn to understand their behavior and how best to take care of them.

– Check-ups: Some pets require more care than others. In general it is necessary to take them to the vet once a year. In this way, you will always have their immunizations up to date (in those cases where that is necessary) and be able to detect possible diseases.

– Adequate space: The space that we have available for our pet is a very important factor to consider. Although there are an infinite number of types and sizes of pets, we sometimes ignore this and acquire an animal without seeing whether we really have the space to accomodate it

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