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Our Objectives

  • sacrificio 0The primary objective at APA Nerja-Esperanza has always been to reach a state of zero animal sacrifice in our community, which at this point has been achieved thanks to the efforts and hard work of all our partners and volunteers. We focus on the rescue of animals from kennels and street vendors, and therefore generally do not attend to situations involving dogs and their owners, but in special cases such as Noah Syndrome, eviction, etc., we will try to assist to the best of our ability.
  • For APA Nerja-Esperanza attending to the problem of abandonment in Spain is key, as statistics show that nearly 200,000 animals are abandoned each year (data from study by Laboratorios Intervet, 2009). Numbers clearly show that the existing measures meant to put an end to this phenomenon are insufficient. This mass abandonment results in a fatal outcome for the vast majority of dogs: More than half of them are Leishmania-positive and 95% of all the abandoned dogs die by being struck in traffic or are put down in kennels. According to the study, pets given as gifts are the first to be abandoned. In Spain, 41.5% of pets hano al abandonove been gifted, 11% found their pet in the street and 10.5% adopted it at a shelter or kennel. The problem of abandonment must be resolved through short term action assisting the animals that have been abandoned, and action in the medium and long term raising and spreading awareness to prevent future abandonment and ill-treatment.





  • Otro de nuestros objetivos es realizar CAMPAÑAS DEESTERILIZACIÓN para así poder evitar camadas indeseadas. Y en el caso de las colonias de gatos proponemos al Ayuntamiento el programa CES, que significa Capturar Esterilizar y Soltar. Ésta podría ser la mejor solución para el control de colonias.
  • The Association directs all its action towards one ultimate purpose; to cultivate greater awareness and respect towards animals and a greater respect for life in general, with the intent to eradicate threspeto animale unthinkable cruelty still rampant today. We also aim to promote responsible ownership and proper pet care through information campaigns. To do this we must start raising awareness in schools because children will form our future. By engaging the children in a general caring for animals and specialized care for pets, we will try to cultivate a broader awareness of the problem of abandonment. We would like to point out that there are millions of refuges and shelters full of abandoned animals that urgently needed a home.

Other essential goals held by APA Nerja-Esperanza are:

– Striving for the rights and protection of animals

– Preventing and reporting their abuse and neglect

– Management of adoptions of dogs and cats

-Striving for zero sacrifice in municipal zoos and pooled cores in your environment, and by extension in the whole of Spain

-Preventing and reporting the use of animals in shows, fights, popular celebrations and any other activity that involves cruelty or ill-treatment, causes suffering or makes them victims of unnatural treatment.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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